Jordan Bowman


What This Is

I’m a web designer & developer, and this is my site.

Instead of spending months creating the “perfect” design and then doing a massive launch, I’m starting from scratch right here on the public domain and inviting others (including you!) to watch, discover, and work with me as I build this site into a finished product.

I will be documenting the process with a new post in my notebook every time I push changes. I’ll talk about what’s different, why I made the decisions I made, things I’m learning, and plans for the future, along with screenshots of the current version. This way, I’ll have a full documentation of the site at every step.

I don’t have a set plan or a pre–designed comp sitting in my Dropbox, waiting to be unveiled. This is going to be the whole process from start to finish with all my thinking, designing, and developing out in the open.

Why I’m Doing This

A few reasons:

What I’m Using

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